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Serena quit due to injury


Beijing News (Chief Reporter Sun Haiguang) Before the second round of the French Open women’s singles match with Pironkova last night, Serena announced that she had retired due to an Achilles tendon injury. Slam women's singles final. For Serena, who just passed his 39th birthday last week, the prospect of continuing to compete for the 24th Grand Slam championship next season is becoming increasingly slim.


After the French Open signed, Serena and Pironkova's "mother showdown" attracted attention. prior to


The cause of Serena's retirement was her Achilles tendon injury. Before this, Serena was injured in the US Open semifinal against Azarenka. After coming to France, Serena has been conducting rehabilitation training at Moratoglu Online School, but has not fully recovered so far.


Serena revealed that he felt a little limping in the second set of the first round, which is not a good sign. Serena said that the doctor advised her to take a break of 5 to 6 weeks. “I always put in 100% of my effort. If I can, I will put in more than 100% of my effort. I think it’s best to participate in the competition without injury. The situation is even worse." Serena said he really wanted to participate in the French Open, but now he is struggling to walk.

塞雷纳(Serena)透露,他在第一轮的第二盘比赛中感觉有些行,这不是一个好兆头。 Serena说,医生建议她休息5至6周。 “我总是全力以赴。如果可以的话,我将全力以赴。我认为最好不受伤参加比赛。情况甚至更糟。”塞雷纳说,他确实很想参加法网,但现在他正努力走路。

Before the game, Serena also warmed up, but the team advised her that it is best not to participate. "I think I am in good health. This is not a persistent injury, but a sudden." It is a problem of the knee and other positions, which will be fatal to myself. According to the doctor's advice, Serena will rest for 5 to 6 weeks.

赛前,塞雷娜(Serena)也热身了,但车队建议她最好不要参加比赛。 “我认为我身体健康。这不是持续的伤害,而是突然的伤害。”这是膝盖和其他姿势的问题,这对我自己是致命的。根据医生的建议,Serena将休息5至6周。

At this point, Serena's Grand Slam journey this season has ended. At the Australian Open at the beginning of the year, Serena lost to the third round


After giving birth, Serena maintained a good condition for a while, but failed to win the Grand Slam finals four times, and the 24th Grand Slam was within reach but could not be desired.


In view of the epidemic situation and the uncertainty of this year's schedule, Serena, who retired from the French Open, basically announced the end of the season early. Last week, Serena had just passed his 39th birthday. He will turn 40 when he comes back next season. It will be more and more difficult to continue to compete for the 24th Grand Slam.


Sun Haiguang, chief reporter of the Beijing News


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